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IRT Hyperion

IRT Hyperion


• New and practical design
• Short curing times
• Large curing area – even heat distribution
• Gold-coated FreeForm reflectors
• Increased effi ciency
• Reduced energy consumption
• Environmentally friendly



advanced technology – new design

The Hyperion program offers a wide selection of IR dryers.
As always when dealing with IRT products, each model has its own particular area of use.

IRT – The original in a new suit

The Hyperion family does not resemble previous IRT products. Every part in a Hyperion dryer is based on a well thought-out and tested design based on user-friendliness and capacity.

The new smart foot design even allows it to get under low cars and it is possible to place the mobiles dryer around a wheel.

Another example of the well thought-out design is the stand arm on the large models. It has acquired the characteristic Hyperion angle in order for the cassettes to reach above the roof of high vehicles or an SUV and still stand steady and stable on the floor.

Moving a mobiles Hyperion around the workshop is really easy thanks to its low centre of gravity. It is easy to aim the cassettes at the surface to be cured as the arm is welllevelled and balanced.

The market’s most effective reflectors

We are the only company having gold-coated refl ectors behind the short-wave lamps. For this reason, our IR dryers have unsurpassed drying capacity.The new Hyperion FreeForm reflectors provide a more even heat distribution and a larger curing area than conventional reflectors, while they feature reduced power consumption. In turn, this increases productivity and raises the quality of the result of drying.

Environmentally friendly

The Hyperion dryers irradiate the object and do not heat the surrounding air thereby minimising energy losses. This provides an efficient use of energy and shortens drying times, which is good for the environment.

Time to cure paint

After 40 years in the industry, we know what is important and what the customer wants. Our most advanced Hyperion models are the easiest ones to handle.
With 12 preset and 3 custom programs, you can handle all paint materials on the market. Thanks to the easily understandable and self-instructional menus, program selection is quick and easy. If you want, you can go one step further and create your own program settings.
You will continuously be able to follow the curing process on the control unit display.
Start the control unit, select a program – then dry.
This is as difficult as it gets with advanced and user friendly technology.



We are setting a new standard with IRT Hyperion PcAuto & PcD

FreeForm refl ectors

With the introduction of the new, goldcoated, asymmetric FreeForm reflectors,we have developed the reflectors of the future. Increased heat distribution provides a more even heat distribution implying that a larger area can be cured during the same period.
A lot of energy is saved by only irradiating the object and not heating up the surrounding air. All cables from the stand to the cassettes are enclosed. You avoid
loose cables that can be burned or cause scratches in the paint, leaving your hands
free to move the dryer.


There are two things that shorten the service life of an IR lamp: overheating and dust. An IRT lamp should last for 20,000 operating hours. For this reason,the Hyperion cassettes are equipped with powerful ventilation cooling both lamps and cassettes. This extends the life of the lamps signifi cantly. The problems with dust have been resolved with a new, effective particle filter on the rear of the cassette. The software informs the operator of how much cleaning capacity is left in the particle filter and when it is time for the next filter replacement.


Thanks to the special angle of the arm and the advanced design of the foot,curing is possible in places that were previously inaccessible.
IRT Hyperion reaches higher than any other mobiles dryer, 2,250 mm with the cassette in the horizontal position and approx. 2,550 mm in the vertical position.
The new smart foot design even allows it to get under low cars and it is possible to place the mobiles dryer around a wheel.The mobiles unit’s large and well-balanced wheels roll unhindered of floor gratings and easily cope with air hoses and other obstacles on the workshop floor.

Control unit

The most advanced Hyperion models are equipped with advanced technology such as a temperature measurement,laser circle and digital distance sensor.
The functions are easy to understand and use – even on the most advanced models. There is a program for each drying requirement. It is started with the simple press of a button.
18 different languages can easily be set.The display is clear and its brightness can be regulated.
The laser circle shows where the measurement of the temperature on the curing area takes place, and the ultrasound sensor measures the distance and signals when the distance is correct.
The temperature is continuously measured,while the microprocessor regulates the effective output upwards or downwards in a split second for optimal curing results.
As an operator, you can continuously monitor the curing process and receive information about such things as object temperature and elapsed/remaining program time.
Start the control unit, select a program then dry.



Our smart Hyperion rail systems will increase your productivity


The same capacity as in our advanced mobiles dryers

Our rail systems satisfy the highest requirements for high productivity and superior precision. For this reason, we have further developed our two most advanced Hyperion models to rail systems.The capacity is the same as in the IRT 4-2 PcAuto and IRT 3-2 PcD, but the cassettes are suspended in the air on rails instead of standing on the fl oor. IRT 3-20 PcD and IRT 4-20 PcAuto are used in the prep station. The IRT 4-20 PcAuto can be supplemented with monitoring equipment in order to enable safe use in a spray booth.


The rails can be customized to suit all workshops. The cassettes are suspended in arms that glide easily and are selfbalancing.
As the electric power supply is integrated in the rails, there are no loose cables dragging along the floor disrupting work and raking up dust.


Investing in a rail system is a way for a paint shop to eliminate bottlenecks in production and substantially increase productivity. Energy costs will be lower and valuable workshop space will be freed up.
A rail system constitutes a flexible solution.It is just as practical in a spray booth as in the prep station.



• Simple installation.
• Easy to move and set up in an exact position
• More fl exible workshop
• No cables on the fl oor – free areas
• Excellent fi t in tight areas between cars




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